Thursday, March 4, 2010

#5 - The cruelest word in the English language

... is the word "lisp".  Yes, lisp.  Just think about it for a second.  The very people who are afflicted with this condition can't even say the word that describes the condition because they have the condition.  Is that cruel irony or what?!

"I'm tho thorry  if  it'th  hard  to underthand what I'm thaying.   You thee, I lithp.  What?  Lithp.  LITHP.   L - I -  ETH - P,  LITHP.  What?  WHAT?  Thilly?  I thound THILLY?!  THOP LAUGHING!  Lithen you little thit, if you thay that again I thurely think I'll thmack you from Theattle to Thaint Louith!"

Thee what I'm thaying?  Bleth their heartth!

(I just KNOW I'm going to burn in Hell for even thinking this one, let alone writing this one, but I just couldn't rethitht... DOH!)

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