Tuesday, March 9, 2010

#6 - Spring has sprung, ah, warm's begun!

This early time
In gardens prime
Without a care
For pollen air
We dig the dirt
And sow the seed
And satisfy our Nature's need

To tend and toil
The waking soil
Sunblock to foil
The sun's hot coil
To be outdoors!
No more to plead
We satisfy our Nature's need

The squirrels do flirt
And bore the dirt
For presents known
In holes their own
The birds they sing
Their songs of Spring
No more to want for anything

Tho' bent backs ache
And pale skins bake
And spades may cake
And rakes may break
To bask in sun
Oh joy, such fun!
For Spring has sprung, ah, warm's begun!

Me ~ March 9, 2010

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