Monday, February 22, 2010

#2 - The NPR Party

Petunia, my 5lb Chihuahua, is very into NPR and greatly concerned about the polarization and stagnation of politics in our country. At dinner last night she told me about an idea she has for the 2012 presidential election - she thinks there should be a new "NPR Party", with Diane Rehm and Terry Gross as co-candidates for President, and Garrison Keillor for VP. Now, her brother Pooter, my 18lb tomcat that I affectionately call "The Grumpy Lump", said that's all well and good, but he'll only support it if Tom and Ray Magliozzi, the "Car Talk" guys, are pegged for Secretary of State and Department of Homeland Security, respectively...

Hmm... A whole bunch of wisdom, a breath of fresh air, a ton of giggles and some darned good diagnostic skills - I think they may be onto something... But I'm thinking we need a little more diversity - what do you think?

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