Friday, February 19, 2010

#1 - Why, or better yet, why not?

Random thoughts come to me all the time - I'm sure that must happen to you as well. Some people process them inside; you know, introverted thinking types. But, being a rabid, many times-diagnosed extravert myself, I've gotta get 'em out; "blap" right on the table, bounce them off others, hear myself speak and feel the reaction. If I don't, I can get into a loop, and sometimes it's not pretty. Just ask anyone who knows me well. I've journaled for years but think it's finally time I bit the bullet and started putting my thoughts "out there."

The title "Ponderable Postulations" came to me one night when I was updating my Facebook wall with a "what makes this so?" commentary. I've often sat and pondered, and when I'm successful at arriving at somewhat of a conclusion, however twisted it may be, it becomes a postulation. Hence the title.

I love interaction and feedback, so if the spirit moves you, feel free to write to your heart's content or your nature's satisfaction!

Here's to the beginning of, well... something!


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