Tuesday, August 3, 2010

#13 - I'm an NPR addict...

Hi, my name is John, and I’m an NPR addict. You know they say the first step to recovery is admitting your addiction. Well I admit it: I need my daily NPR fix, fixes really. I also have to admit that I can recall listening to my local NPR station, and not giving any money during pledge drives and feeling horribly guilty and like, well… a real user, especially when I’d hear folks talking about pledging money and how over 90% of the station’s costs are covered by contributions from other “members” and underwriters. And I knew deep inside that I should contribute, and I really, really wanted to. But, as with addicts, that pesky little voice in my head would say things like “I, I SWEAR I can stop ANYTIME, and give!” or “I’ll give tomorrow!” And so it went, pledge drive after pledge drive, driveway moment after driveway moment, year after year, the guilt eating me alive… Until one day it dawned on me that every radio in my home and the one in my car and the pc in my office were all tuned to my local NPR station. Oh I had hit rock bottom. I needed help!

So, I made the call and talked to a kind, friendly volunteer who welcomed me without any hint of judgment, and seemed to be so appreciative just that I’d called, and thrilled that I’d decided to contribute. And do you know what? I felt proud – I had made amends! And I can honestly state that the very next time I turned on the radio, I felt different. I no longer felt guilty, like a user. I felt happy, like a member! So now, whenever it gets to be pledge drive time, I must admit that I get a little excited. In fact I go to the station and take pledge calls just like that appreciative volunteer who was so kind to me all those years ago. It feels so great to be in recovery! And really, being an NPR addict is unlike any other addiction I know of – I mean, name another addiction that lets you get your fix, all day and all night, as much as you want and need for the rest of your life, for only a few pennies or dollars a day, and still be recovered! What a world!

So, I’ll leave you with 2 questions: Are you an NPR addict? And, would you rather be a guilt-ridden user addict, or a happy, guilt-free member addict? It’s your call.

My name is John Lincoln, and I’m a proud WFAE member, and an NPR addict…

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